Tugging at the Heart Strings in My Favorite Ski Collar Short Film Yet

Noah Osborne, Director, Strategic Partnerships – Shop Marketing and Creative Group

In an awe-inspiring collaboration between a beloved film producer and an iconic winter apparel and adventure brand, we are reminded of the childhood wonder dreamed up from the back seat of the family car.

Sherpas Cinema and The North Face came together in a short film designed to bring us back to a time where bills, work, and the everyday grind had not yet dampened our ability to dream. Originally envisioned as a continuation of Sherpa Cinemas’ All.I.Can (here) featuring pro skier JP Auclair, The North Face teamed up with the passion and resources to honor the memory of JP who passed away in an Avalanche in 2014. The production was a beautiful remembrance of an amazing skier while reminding mountain lovers and ski bums alike of the kid in each of us who just wants to play in the snow.

Produced in an inevitable grin to your face fashion, pro freeskier Tom Wallisch shreds through a small town in BC with his urban freestyle flavor. Edited over an old-school-meets-new-school jam (Avalanches’ “Because I’m Me’) that leaves you with the nostalgic ‘warm and fuzzies’ that make you want to grab your skis and head north for an early winter.

When seeing passion focused projects like this award-winning collaboration, I am reminded of what drove my interest in this industry to begin with. And it keeps the stoke level high knowing that I get to work with a group of individuals who share the same level of passion for every brand that they work with and represent.






#Imagination #WeLoveYouJP