Hannibal the Budget Cannibal

Noah Osborne, Director of Strategy and Development – Moment Creative

It’s that time of year again, every brand-side decision maker in the industry is in the throws of the busiest time of year for any marketer and they’re wondering how all of those dollars spent are going to pan out once the dust begins to settle this winter. And somewhere in the back of their mind they’re already beginning to think about where they’ll be allocating that ever so precious budget for the next calendar year.

“Do we spend more on content next year? Maybe a larger investment on product shoots and a little less in design creative? Regardless we have to be sure to have enough media lined up for an entire year’s worth of digital right?”

We’ve been hearing digital first for years now and I don’t disagree. Afterall, the numbers don’t lie and when it comes to media consumption, the year over year growth and usership on basically every digital platform are hard to argue with. But let’s face it, we’re not the only ones with this information so every brand in the world is focusing more and more on digital, and it shows.

So how is your brand supposed to stand-out amongst the crowd when nearly all of your competitors are focusing on the exact same verticals? It’s not as complex as you’ve been led to believe, I promise. Simply put, you need better content that will actually connect with your consumer and get them to stop scrolling and see what you have to say.

I know what you’re thinking, “Sure Noah, better content. We’ve heard that about 8 million times and we’ve invested ALL that we can into expensive creative and we still aren’t seeing the engagement numbers that we’d like.”

Well the ‘content’ that you are referring to hear is what I call Hannibal the Budget Cannibal. Expensive photo shoots, professional athlete and celebrity indorsements, over the top post-production spends, and design/creative allocations that could support a small town for about a year. These marketing spends have been eating more and more of your precious marketing dollars every year and I hate to break it to you, but they are OLD NEWS and they AREN’T WORKING.

The consumer that you’re trying to reach scrolls right past the image of Orlando Bloom holding your product standing on a beach in Tahiti that cost you more than you spend on field marketing in an entire year just as fast as they ignore the annoying ads on IG for someone teaching how to become a millionaire in 6 months. The fact is, these verticals are completely inundated with this same expensive content and consumers have become completely numb to what used to grab their attention. Which means those massive allocations to expensive content like that is effectively being flushed down the toilet in the 2019 digital marketing world.

So what is it that the biggest brands in the world are figuring out to combat this big problem? They have realized that engagement numbers on digital campaigns seem to skyrocket when the content is composed of real world engagements, not expensive athletes or celebrities standing in a studio somewhere. That’s right, brand activation in real time, interacting with real consumers, grabs their attention like Orlando did after the first installment of Pirates of the Caribbean.

We’re seeing this with our largest brand partners across the board and we have the case studies to prove it! So, when you start thinking about where to spend those precious dollars toward the end of ’19 or the beginning of ’20, consider taking your brand to the streets in a way that will leave the local audience floored, then capture those Moments that are making a difference, and use THAT as your digital content strategy. You’ll be amazed at the difference this will make in all of those digital efforts that we’re all focused on so much.