As the the daughter of a caterer, Stacey was raised around creating special events. She loved finding new and creative ways to put events together, always with the goal of pleasing the hosts and wowing the guests. After graduating college, the flood of weddings of friends began, and between 1996 and 2003 Stacey was a bridesmaid 9 times. With each wedding, she was always asked for ideas and advice to really make the party shine as well as run smoothly. After hearing from many people that she should do event planning for a living, she decided to give it a go in 2004, and Create The Moment was born. Since it's inception, Create The Moment has created events that are completely traditional, as well as completely off-beat, and everything in between. She has loved every minute of it, and finds it an honor to be consulted on and trusted with a couples wedding day.

"My promise is to make your wedding day the beautiful, stress free event that you want it to be."

Stacey is happily married and when not working on events, loves just spending time with her husband, family and friends. She also teaches yoga, loves to read and travel.

Eileen Gallagher came on staff with Create The Moment in 2008, when business grew to a point where Stacey needed more help. Stacey, very particular about who she would trust with her business, was careful about allowing anybody in. She wanted somebody creative and fun, but also organized, calm, and able to think on her feet.

After getting to know Eileen and her fun spirit, attending many beautiful parties at Eileen's home, and learning that she had planned her own wedding, her sister's wedding, and her best friend's wedding as well (while also working as an office manager keeping executives organized), Stacey knew she had found the right person. Eileen brings the same vision to Create The Moment that Stacey started with - make the day the beautiful, fun event the couple is hoping for, and handle the day-of details so they don't have to.

Eileen is happily married and the mother of two boys. When not working on events with Create The Moment, she also works as a personal trainer, and is a fantastic cook.

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